A Traveler’s Tale

I was asked by Caity to write a few words about the time I spent in the United States this fall. I guess you may have heard of me, know who I am, where I am from, and why my English is so good. Some of you might have even met me. If not, here is a little bit of an introduction: My name is Max, I’m 21, and I’m helping Keifer and Caity with their mission work here in the Czech Republic (now known by the horrendous name “Czechia”).

I was invited to travel back to the United States for a month and a half with my dear friends Keifer and Caity Lucchi. Keifer wasn’t sure whether the trip was going to happen or not, since I needed a fairly big (by European standards) amount of money, but God provided for me and for all the expenses I was going to have. We flew from Prague to Frankfurt and then to San Francisco, where we were supposed to attend a conference organized by Keifer’s mission organization. At one meeting several missionaries from around the world were speaking about their service in different countries, and I got to help Keifer and Caity share more about the Czech Republic.

After the conference we all took part in a minister’s retreat in Mi-Wuk village, where I played *the air golf thing* (disc golf) for the first time. At this point I was jet-lagged and experiencing culture shock. I have been in the States before, but this was a whole new level of experience. It was nothing like the time I was there before. During the retreat I got to know the people who run the mission organization better, and I got to walk under the stars, talk, and worship with them. One of the most thrilling things I got to do during the retreat was to visit Yosemite National Park, which that day was open for free — what a coincidence. God is good and He spared us some money. I got to see Bridal Veil Falls, and Keifer and I went climbing up towards the falls and here is some good advice: don’t climb waterfalls when you’re tired and on jet-lag. The results of climbing were Max and Keifer 0, waterfall 1. I got all wet and Keifer hurt his rib at the top of it, but we both agreed it was worth it. Long story short, I liked California a lot, and I’m thankful for all the people and experiences and growth I experienced during that time. And one more very important thing — in California I tasted my first street taco. It was an instant love that lasts to this day, when the taco-trucks appear only in my dreams. 😦

“Max played all the worship songs at my wedding and he did an awesome job.” — Caity

After the conference in California we flew to Kansas City, where I was to spend the rest of my time in the US. I attended another ministry conference, met a lot of cool people, and, last but definitely not least, attended Keifer and Caity’s wedding. I stayed most of the time with Keifer’s brother Case and his roommate Kyle. Case introduced me to his cooking skills, which I greatly enjoyed, secretly being thankful that I don’t have to live with them forever since his food is really delicious and just irresistible. Case, Kyle, and Keifer showed me several coffee shops and introduced me to barbecue, for which Kansas City is very famous. In Kansas City I experienced more growth, and the whole time I was learning how to do what God wants me to do at the moment and learning how to abide in the Lord. I got introduced to a lot of people, some of whom I had heard about long before I actually met them. Let me recognize at least a few of them. The Schwabauers, who are awesome people, how awesome I don’t even fully know yet. Some other cool people from the OYAN (One Year Adventure Novel) community, who have the word “STORY” written all over their faces without even knowing it. I got to meet Keifer and Caity’s families, and I’m happy to say that I have gained new brothers and sisters in them. I’m thankful for every single one of the people I got to meet and talk to. At one point I was asking God about the purpose of the trip, because I didn’t want any more goodbyes in my life, or more people that I am going to miss. But still, I went, and God knew why He wanted me back in America, even though I still don’t fully understand yet.

Long story short, it was a blessing to be back in the US for a while, whether we are talking about the spiritual side or the physical side. I’m very blessed and I hope that somehow God used me as an instrument of His good will, because that’s what matters.

May God bless you all and may His face shine upon you.

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