Scouting Trip – Update

As I stepped onto my flight to the Czech Republic, I realized I was simply leaving one home to visit another. God has given me a home, family, and friends in two very different countries, and my three-week scouting trip to the Czech Republic (August 31 — September 22) was an amazing chance to reconnect. I wanted to share some of my experiences with you, and also say “thank you.” This journey wouldn’t have been possible without your partnership. Your prayers, encouragement, and support made it a reality. My adventures are also your adventures. Here are just a few of the things the Lord did for me while I was there.


First Glimpse of Prague

Relationships.  An important goal on my trip was to reconnect with as many friends as possible, and it was surprising how many opportunities the Lord gave me. I loved playing with the youth at the Rock Solid Club, as well as working with the leaders. Several missionaries invited me into their homes for meals and fellowship, and I enjoyed hanging out and doing projects with my boyfriend, Keifer, and his friend Andrew. Building relationships occurs in many different settings, from constructing IKEA furniture to coloring pictures, from grocery shopping to attending football games. The friendships I’ve found in the Czech Republic are a huge blessing, and make the prospect of moving there even more exciting.


Game Time at Rock Solid Club

Prayer Ministry.  I went prayer walking several times through the city of Valasske Mezirici, my home base. I prayed over the businesses I passed, the families walking by, and the school where the Rock Solid Club holds its weekly meetings. Each time I ended my walk in the city square, sitting on a park bench while I asked the Lord to bless the town. I felt so small compared to the number of people in the city and the enormity of their need. But God also felt very present. These walks increased my confidence that He sees the need in the Czech Republic, and that He wants to work.


Valasske Mezirici – City Square


Valasske Mezirici – River

Cultural EducationI’d practiced my Czech vocabulary over the Summer, so it was awesome to get to apply it on this trip. I ordered food for myself several times at restaurants and stores. Czech road signs and building signs were no longer unintelligible, and I could even understand the announcer at the train station. Navigating streets and using the currency are easier now as well. My next task for my next trip is to learn how to hold a conversation.

Future PreparationsI stored most of the clothes and books I’d brought with me from America at Keifer’s house. They’re a little deposit toward my upcoming return. Also, one of the Czech missionaries is interested in rooming with me when I move. We don’t know what will happen, but it’s an exciting opportunity! Please pray for God’s guidance as we pursue this.

On my first trip to the Czech Republic, I felt a lot of spiritual attack and loneliness. On this trip, I hardly felt any! And I had a new sense of security. Your prayers are making a difference. Also, the week before leaving I still hadn’t raised the financial support I needed for this scouting trip. But in the weeks that followed, I received enough, and extra! Thank you! The extra will be used to further my mission training, and to help fund my eventual move to the Czech Republic.

Until next time!

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